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It All Started With A Vision | A Testimony of Finding Purpose

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

The notebook where my mother first recorded the vision in 2011.

It was 2011 when my mom first had the idea for a Christian apparel brand. After God placed the idea on her heart, she immediately jotted it down in the blue notebook she always keeps at the side of her bed. From that moment several years passed. The vision became a distant blur in her memory as she started to get distracted with the current stressors in her life at the time. However, a word from God always comes to pass.

Meanwhile, my life was a mess. I was too busy chasing the things of this world to ask God what His will was for my life. Yet, though I was so far from the Lord His hand was always on me. I finally surrendered my life to Christ. The emptiness of a life without God became so evident. I longed for the God space in my heart to be filled. This moment of truly confessing Jesus as my Lord and Savior changed my life forever.

Immediately after being saved God started to do a work within me. He stripped me down to my core. Purging everything that was not of Him out of my life. This season was so precious to me. Sure, there were a lot of tears, but it was all worth it. Many call this season the refining and wilderness season. In this season, I was completely broken. All the plans I made for my life prior to giving myself to the Lord was lost. I did not enjoy so many doors being closed, but it was necessary. My focus and desires started to shift drastically, and all things I used to put false hope in were gone. I had no other place to put my hope in, but God. You see when God breaks you down, He does so in a way where you are solely dependent on Him.

A few months into this season God started to reveal my purpose in small increments. First through His word, and second through taking me back to the very moment He created me. After burying myself in the word of God, I found out that I was created to serve others and love others through the love of Christ. God created us for His glory best demonstrated through love and relationships. What is life without relationships? After all Christ died for us to be reconciled with God so that we can have a relationship with God. This put a strong desire in my heart to be a helping hand in people's lives. I finally realized what Jesus meant when He said “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’" (Matthew 22:37-38).

However, although I now knew my purpose, I had no idea what I was called to do with it. So that become a frequent prayer of mine.

"God where are you calling me and what is your will for my life?"  

I think we all ask that question at some point in our lives. In this season, I was lost in that area. Yet, the uncertainty somehow taught me how to trust God with my life. The only thing He had me do in that season was to primarily seek and pursue Him. I believe the reason God did not answer me swiftly was because He was trying to teach me something. He was molding me into the person He called me to be; a person who imitates Christ. The person He calls us all to be.

It was not until months after fervent prayer I received an answer. As I was chasing God, I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to go on a fast: the 21-day Daniel fast. When I took one look at the requirements for the fast, I wanted to run for the hills. I must admit this fast was suggested to me months before I decided to be obedient. However, when I was finally obedient to God, the idea and vision for this brand came to me near the end of the fast at 3:00am one morning. As soon as I received the idea, I swiftly wrote it down in a notebook. The vision was to start a Christian brand to spread the word of God, and to create community while using a percentage of the proceeds to do what I desired most: serve others. When I brought this idea to my mom, she told me about the vision God gave her years ago.

As I started to pursue this idea the provision of God started to become so evident; it was supernatural. I remember sitting at my desk saying, "God if you really want me to do this, please provide for it." Surely God showed up. He provided the finances, the equipment, the resources, and the plan to make this business a reality.

So here we are, and the glory goes completely to God. This business is His. I am His. I am trusting Him to do as He wills with this business. I am trusting Him to use this business for His kingdom. I hope to serve others through this brand and encourage others to walk in God's word.

What if we started dressing for life instead of solely dressing for ourselves? What if we started encouraging and reminding those who walk by us and see us that God is still moving? How many people can we reach with the gospel? What if we can use a platform like this to finally unite as God's Church?

I treasure scripture so much, so every piece of this brand is based on scriptural principles. It was created through thought, prayer, and Godly inspiration. I aspire to build a community not just a brand. That is our main goal as a company. God is in the center of all we do, and He left us with what James refers to as the "Law of Christ".

I pray God blesses every single person who comes across this brand. I pray this brand helps us unify as the bride of Christ. I pray that through this brand we can help serve those in need. That being said, it will be greatly appreciated if you join us and support us in this move of God by purchasing our products or sharing this brand with a friend, a family member, or our other brothers and sisters in Christ.

God bless you and may the glory be unto our Lord Jesus Christ now, forever and always.

The Lord Is My Shepherd


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